Raid the North and Raid the North Extreme adventure racing, extreme sport

Raid The North is Canada’s answer to New Zealand’s Southern Traverse. Adventure racing at its best in the northern hemisphere.

Since 1998, Raid the North events have been designed to showcase the natural highlights of the Canadian environment – from the wild mountain terrain of Alberta and British Columbia, to the vast matrix of lakes and rivers in Ontario’s shield country, and over to the rolling hills and rushing water of Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick – Raid the North has featured it all.

If you want to enter one of the Raid the North races you must have a co-ed team of 4. The event consists of a national series of 36-hour races in various locations across Canada. These events are famous around the world for offering an awe inspiring wilderness challenge amongst the rugged and diverse backcountry.

Traditional adventure racing involves teamwork, strategy, route selection, nutritional planning, and sleep deprivation. To capture these elements in a weekend event, Raid the North is designed as a 24-36 hour race. The teams paddle, mountain bike, and trek (…and sometimes swim, raft, or negotiate fixed ropes) through a series of checkpoints until the complete teams reaches the finish line. A typical distance covered by a finishing team is around 130-150 km.

These races are geared towards the prepared first time adventure racer, unlike Raid the North Extreme (RTMX) which is a 6-day expedition-style adventure race occurring once a year. Strong navigation skills and wilderness experience are paramount in the extreme race as the course covers roughly 450 kilometres of unmarked terrain. Each year the race travels to a different region in Canada that provides rugged wilderness challenges for competitors. It is the only expedition-style event longer than 48 hrs in Canada.

Raid the North Extreme was one of the original founding members of the Adventure Racing World Series and a qualifier race for the AR World Championship. It was selected as the Adventure Racing World Championships in 2004. Since that time, RTNX has not participated in the World Series concept.

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