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PostHeaderIcon The Asgard Project – film to be released Nov 20th

Wall climbing is one of the more extreme sports that we blog about but when that wall is a mile high and you only have a narrow window of opportunity in which to make that climb you can understand why we believe this to be one of the most extreme challenges that we have come across this year.

The Asgard project is top climber Leo Houlding’s ambitious expedition to make the first free ascent of Mt Asgard’s daunting north face – regarded as one of the most difficult big walls in the world.

File:Mount Asgard 3 2001-07-25.jpg

Mt Asgard

Mt Asgard is part of the Baffin Mountains in Canada’s Nanavut Province and is one of the most spectacular peaks on Baffin Island. It contains two peaks, both flat-topped cylindrical rock towers, separated by a saddle. The northeast peak is slightly higher than the southwest peak. The northeast peak is a 1200-m vertical rock climb, and is one of the most difficult climbs on Baffin Island.

With great support from main sponsors Berghaus and Nokia,  Houlding set about putting a team together which would film their attempt on the summit.  To reach Mount Asgard, Houlding, with fellow top climbers Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary and Carlos Suarez, learn how to fly in a wing suit. The plan was to leave the scene of their conquest via a wing suit - a trick that had already been enacted when 007 BASEjumps off a cliff in the opening sequence of the 1976 Bond classic The Spy Who Loved Me, the scene was filmed from Asgard. Perhaps it did not quite work out like that; what is sure is that the film and rigging crew had to take on a gruelling 5 day trek carrying 30kg packs.

The You Tube video from  HospitalRecords shows Houlding and Suarez learning how to fly in a wing suit.

Let’s see how events did turn out in this next video from posingpodcasts as the guys went sky diving to make their arrival rather more extreme and altogether less burdensome  - all right for some!

It is an exciting and extreme adventure the outcome of which can be seen when the film première’s on November 20th at the Kendal Mountain Festival which runs from Nov 19th to 22nd at Kendal, the gateway to the Lake District in north west England.

This comes from their own website www.mountainfest.co.uk

Kendal is by far the largest and most varied event of its type in Europe and it’s the main social event for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK. At the heart of Kendal’s programme is the mountain film competition, attracting film premières from around the world. Over 50 films are screened (from 200+ entries) with ten coveted prizes up for grabs.

Together with the Art and Book Festivals, speciality Bike, Snowsports, Wild Water and Free-Flight nights, the Boardman Tasker literary award plus the Adventure Film Academy for aspiring filmmakers, make it one of the best mountain festivals in the world.


Not surprising – this is one we will have to get hold of…..watch this space. If you want to visit the project’s website it is


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