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Best Kayak Paddle Holders – Complete Guide for 2022

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Paddling is one of the most fun parts of kayaking. However, there will be times when you may want to take a break from paddling. It could be to rest, fish, take a picture, or just lounge lazily on the yak, and take in the scenery around you.

A paddle holder will come in handy in any of the scenarios above as it helps secure your paddle while keeping it out of your way. If your kayak doesn’t come with a paddle holder, all you have to do is buy an aftermarket paddle holder to enjoy the benefits paddle holders offer.

There are several paddle holders on the market and I’ve been able to come up with a list of the very best paddle holders available today. How did I come up with the list? I extensively researched and tested several paddle holders while also sought the opinions of experienced paddlers.

Below you’ll find the best kayak paddle holders, their pros, cons, and a buying guide to help you choose a paddle holder that best suits your kayak.

The 7 Best Kayak Paddle Holders for 2022

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle HolderOur Top Pick

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Track Mount - 2 Pack Bundle

$29.90  in stock
4 new from $29.90
1 used from $29.45
Free shipping
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

No way you are talking about paddle holders’ amid professional kayakers that the YakAttack RotoGrip won’t pop up. This kayak paddle holder is well popular and among the very best available today.

Kayakers may tend to lose their paddle in the water while kayaking, especially on long journeys or on a tour. But with the Yakattack paddle holder, your paddles will be secured as you take a break from paddling.

This paddle holder can be used on most kayak track systems. It is easy to grip, being a grip-type holder itself. The YakAttack paddle holder, like most other grip-type paddle holders, has a beautiful design, which makes your paddle settle comfortably between the grips.

Its height is just a little over 2 inches, meaning it won’t hinder your paddling in any form nor any other gear attached to your kayak. Also, it can be adjusted for different ranges of paddles. It is made from high-quality rubber which ensures it’s long-lasting

One other thing is that this holder can be attached to just one side of your yak, making it possible for you to hold your paddle parallel to your vehicle. Another holder can be attached to the other side, to ensure a firm grip.


  • Type: Grip
  • Mounting: Track


  • Ensures firm grip
  • Suitable for most kayak types.
  • Durable
  • Suitable for use with a different range of paddles.


  • For firm grip, you might need 2 holders.

Norme Kayak Paddle Clips

Norme Kayak Paddle Clip with Hardware Universal Kayak Paddle Holder Clips Compatible with Perception Kayaks, Emotion Kayaks, Lifetime Kayaks, Pelican Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks (2 Pack)

$10.99  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

Norme paddle holder ensures that your paddle is firmly secured preventing you from losing it in water. It is easily attached to any location convenient for you on your kayak. It also offers you compatibility, as can be used on different kinds of kayaks.

The Norme kayak paddler is made from high-quality plastic material with a very high tensile strength. This confers incredible durability on this paddle holds allowing it to last long. And since they are made of plastic, there is no risk of rusting at all.

With this paddle holder, you do not need to worry about it being a burden. They are very portable as they weigh below 25 grams.

Installation of this paddle holder is pretty easy. There is no need to make a hole in your kayak before installing this paddle holder, this singular reason makes it one of the most suitable types for your inflatables.


  • Type: Taco
  • Mounting: Track


  • Highly durable
  • Easy installation and use
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for most kayak types


  • If not handled with care, cut to the skin may result from the sharp corner of the paddle holder

Railblaza QuickGrip Paddle Clip

RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount

$19.99  in stock
2 new from $19.99
Free shipping
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

The Railblaza paddle holder is very good at what it does and that’s securing your paddle when not in use. Thanks to its versatile design, the Railblaza paddle holder can be used for most kayak brands available on the market.

The paddle clip is a long one, which ensures that another clip, often called the secondary clip is not needed, as the Railblaza paddle clip is enough to secure your paddle or pole.

The Railblaza paddle holder is a track mountable one. It is portable, with the clip projecting out from your track, occupying just about 3 inches. In no way does it contend with your inner space. It could also be mounted directly on your kayak.


  • Type: Taco
  • Mounting: Track


  • Universal for most kayak types
  • Portable and lightweight
  • No need for a secondary clip


  • No major shortcomings.

YYST D Ring Kayak Bungee Paddle Holders

YYST D Ring Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder Kayak Paddle Keepers Kit 2/PK with J Hooks and Screws - No Paddle, No Kayaks

$7.99  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

The YYST kayak paddle holder offers good value for money thanks to its excellent combination of price and performance. The high quality of the materials used to manufacture it means durability is assured as you can be rest assured to use this paddle holder for years without the need for any form of replacement whatsoever.

Installation is pretty easy, majorly because the bungee cord is already pre-installed, also, there are some other accessories attached to the package, like the screws and the j-hooks, which require no special skills for installing them.

Unlike most other bungee cords that break easily, that of the YYST kayak paddle holder is very tough thanks to the polyethylene coating which makes it resistant to both sunlight and water.

Other than the guarantee of safety that the YYST kayak paddle offers you, it also protects your paddle from scratches, there is rubber included under the screw mount where your paddle is supposed to rest on.


  • Type: Cords
  • Mounting: Screws


  • Durability is assured
  • Easy installation
  • No scratches on your paddle


  • No major shortcomings.

QKURT Kayak Paddle Holders

QKURT 4 Pcs Kayak Paddle Holder Clip, Universal Platic Fishing Net Clip Kayak Paddle Clip for Storage Kayak Paddle and Other (Including Screws)

$10.79  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

The QKURT kayak holder is made from a high-quality thermoplastic material, ABS. The ABS material used in the production of this paddle clip is of high tensile strength which ensures that it is long-lasting. Also, being made from a nonmetal material, there is no risk of the material getting rust. With the QKURT paddle clip durability is assured.

With your QKURT kayak paddle holder, you have no problem securing your paddle as they are tightly held preventing them from slipping away (into the water body where your outdoor activity is done) when not in use. Installation of this holder, like many other ones, requires no special technical know-how, as they are easily attached to the side of your kayak.

One other thing this paddle holder affords you is its compatibility. They can be used on a wide range of kayaks.


  • Type: Taco
  • Mounting: Screws


  • Durability
  • Easy installation and use
  • Compatibility, support use on a vast range of kayaks


  • No major shortcomings.

Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Rubber Clips

Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Rubber Clips, Black, Multi, One Size

$9.25  in stock
7 new from $5.99
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

Shoreline Marine Kayak paddle holders are made from a high-quality rubber material, with stainless steel screws, which means you can be assured of using these paddle holders for a long time with no worry of it getting broken. Neither would it get damaged, especially as a result of rusting.

With your Shoreline Marine paddle holder, you can be assured of your paddle’s safety as you do not need to worry about water waves causing your paddle to slip off of your kayak. Other than that, these holders are portable, barely 1.5 inches in length, hence, no obstruction may arise even when not in use.

Installation of the Shoreline Marine holder is pretty easy and done in little or no time, thanks to the mounting hardware attached to the package.

Your paddle is easily stored on your kayak’s deck ensuring easy accessibility when the need for paddling arises.


  • Type: Clips
  • Mounting: Screws


  • Highly durable
  • No obstruction, even when paddling
  • Safety of paddle is guaranteed
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Might be a bit bulky

Pack’em Folding Flat Paddle Clips

Pack'em 2 Sets - Nylon Folding Flat Paddle Clips for Kayaks or Canoes Racks - PK-KPAD-2

$15.99  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:49 am

Pack’em kayak paddle holders are made out of nylon which is the most popular material for extended outdoor use. Nylon offers strength and resistance to sunlight radiations as they don’t fade. The material is also resistant to corrosion and this means you can use this paddle holder in saltwater conditions.

With your Pack’em paddle clips, kayaking is more fun as your paddle, when not in use, can be easily clipped to your side making your hands available for other activities such as fishing, tackling pictures, or just relaxing your hands after a series of rigorous paddling. And since your paddle is held by the clips just by your side, paddling, when needed again, is easily resumed as soon as possible.

One other thing of note about these paddle clips is that they can be folded which affords you convenience. There is little or no obstruction from the clips when paddling is done.


  • Type: Clips
  • Mounting: Screws


  • Durability
  • Kayaking is more fun
  • Convenience guaranteed


  • No major shortcomings

Best Kayak Paddle Holders – The Guide 

Now that we have established what are the best paddle holders available these days, let’s see how to choose yours!

Why Use a Paddle Holder?

Here, I’d talk to you about some of the benefits of having a kayak paddle holder attached to your kayak.


The safety kayak paddle holders afford (essentially the security of your paddle) its users cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the primary reasons for having them in the first place.

With your paddle holder in place, securing your paddle, you need not worry about losing it to water while performing other activities, like fishing, whale watching, etc.

Other than the safety it affords on water, your kayak paddle holder also affords off water safety to your paddle. Since they are already attached to your kayak, there is no need to separate them even during storage, meaning no risk of misplacing the paddle.

In cases where there is not much room for storage, with the aid of the paddle holder that attaches your paddle to your kayak, there is more room for storing other things.


Your kayak paddle holders come in handy not just during the usual kayaking activity, you might need them even outside of water especially when moving your kayak.

With your paddle holder attached to your kayak and it holding your paddle in place, your kayak is carried easily to and out of the water with you having your other hand available to carry other things.


It is no longer news that kayaks are watercraft used by some for fishing. When fishing, you most probably are not paddling at the same time, hence you need your paddle to be kept in place without having to worry about it slipping away or not.

Here is where the importance of your paddle holder in fishing comes of note as they offer you the luxury of concentrating on your fishing without having to worry about the paddle.

Types of Paddle Holders


One thing unique to all the grip-style kayak paddle holders is the attractive mechanical way in which they are presented. Just take the YakAttack for example, you just have to enjoy the way the paddle settles comfortably between the grips. Another example is the RAM Roller-Ball which does more than just securing your paddle holder, it’s capable of holding other accessories, like your nets.

This grip-style paddle holder is suitable for both your oval and round shaft. They require mounting tracks and for the three examples mentioned here, each has one for either side.


The name of this type of paddle holder for your kayak is exactly what they look like, they are taco shaped. They may not be the most versatile paddle holders but I tell you they are a really fun product to use. Installing them is pretty easy. They are not conspicuous like those of the grip styles,
Though they offer you some sort of security superior to some other kayak paddle holders, thanks to the PadLoc style that also comes with a bungee tie.

One major shortcoming for this type of paddle holder is that they may not offer you maximum effect in oval shafts as they would in the rounded ones.


The Clip style kayak paddle holder comes in different ranges; we have the really simple ones and those that are highly sophisticated.

Observing a simple clip-style paddle holder like those of Cascade Creek, that just clips to the coaming with no need for any special installation whatsoever, more so, they are suitable for a vast range of kayaks. Not to sound too good to be true, with the use of these clips, there’s a risk of your paddle sliding around inside them.

The YakGear, another clip-style kayak paddle holder, offers at the very least two different clip styles, the first being at the entry-level, while the other is a folding clip which is even more versatile.

The folding clip allows paddlers to have their paddles just beside them for quick reach when paddling needs to be resumed, which is actually a good option but since both clips need to work in some sort of a synchronized manner, it might be a little difficult to manage both at the same time.

Velcro and Cords

For the Velcro and cord types, there is a need to make use of bungee kits for these kayak paddle holders. The bungees are needed for holding your paddles. Like other paddle holder types, there are variations. For example, the Velcro options need no special installation of any sort at all, whereas those of Field and stream need a drill for them to get attached to your kayak.

One unique attribute of these paddle securers is that they are easily attached to fixtures on your kayak and can be hung over the side. Your paddle is held down by two rubber hooks attached to the kit.

The major shortcoming of the Velcro option, especially when it is compared to those of the grip and clip styles. is that opening and closing of the straps to secure your paddles are not instantaneous, as they may require a few seconds.

Assistive or Adaptive

There are not many brands associated with this type of kayak paddle holder, after a series of research, I was able to come up with only one, the Gamut Paddle Holder.

These holders are most suitable for use in them sit inside kayaks, though they can also be used in them sit on top kayak. The holder is a t-shaped hinged mount, it comes with two brackets, that offer stability, on the side which helps to hold the mount. It comes with a rotating clevis on top of the mount that helps to hold the paddle in place.

One major advantage of this paddle holder over the other types is that kayakers do not need to support the weight of the paddle at all as the grip is enough to do all, this singular reason makes it most suitable for kayakers with one limitation or the other.

Though it comes with some downsides, it is a little dear, though if we consider the advantage that it affords kayakers with limitations like shoulder problems or those with poor grip strength, I would say the high cost is worth it.

Another is that it might not work well in your sit-on-top kayaks, also installation may require support.

Buying Considerations When Choosing Your Paddle Holders

I’m sure you already know that in deciding the choice of a product, some factors need to be considered before getting one.

The first thing to consider is your paddle shaft. Is it an oval or a round shaft? You must ensure that your choice of paddle holder suits your paddle shaft. The taco-style holders, for example, aren’t well suited for oval shafts.

Your kayak type is another thing you sure need to consider, a sit-inside or a sit-on-top kayak. For example, the assistive or adaptive holders, as earlier discussed, do not work well in sit-inside kayaks, so a person buying this type for a sit-inside kayak is probably making a wrong choice. Another thing to take note of is that, in the installation of paddle holders, some kayaks need to be drilled, I don’t need to tell you that such a type won’t be suitable for your inflatables.

Ease of installation too needs to be considered, if you are someone like me that do not like (unnecessary) stress, you are probably going to go for a product that needs no special installation

Durability is one other thing I pay attention to, before making any purchase. It is (mostly) always better to buy what would last for a long time than what would need to be replaced from time to time.

Ease of use is another important thing that needs not be overlooked. A novice kayaker has no business buying a paddle holder that requires some special skill before use.

Final Thoughts

Every paddler should have a paddle holder mounted on their vessels. Not only will a paddle holder secure your paddle and ensure you don’t have to buy a new one regularly, they also let you go hands-free and keep your paddle out of your way. Get a paddle holder for your kayak if you don’t already have one and be sure to buy a quality one.

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