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Best 3-Person Kayaks – Selection & Guide for 2022

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There is this saying about the more, the merrier. Well, this applies to kayaking and while many people are familiar with 2-person kayaks, most don’t know about 3 person kayaks. Yes, 3 person kayaks are a thing.

You and your friends or family members can bond over the sport you love and adore. Or is it just you and someone else alongside your furry friend. Whichever it is, 3 person kayaks allow you to paddle with more people and offer more storage for all the gear of the paddlers.

One would think choosing a 3 person kayak should be a straightforward affair but there are so many 3 person kayaks out there that are garbage.

I pitted several 3 person kayaks against each other to discover the best 3 person kayaks available on the market. Safe to say I succeeded on my quest and have compiled a list of the best 3 person kayaks you can buy right now. And here they are.

The 7 Best 3-Person Kayaks for 2022

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3-Person KayakOur Top Pick

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Paddles

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as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

The Sea Eagle is an excellent 3-person kayak that gives all paddlers onboard enough space for an enjoyable kayaking experience. This kayak can also be modified for tandem and solo paddling although it’s best to use it for 3-person or tandem kayaking.

Thanks to the combined efforts of multiple people, this kayak is very easy to paddle. There’s definitely strength in numbers. You’ll also find 9 D-rings on this kayak and they help to secure the seats.

The Sea Eagle 370 is an inflatable kayak and as thus, is easy to transport and store. Inflation is also easy and you and your amigos are just minutes away from the water. You’ll find the deflation process quick and hassle-free.

The stability of this kayak is superb and it tracks well thanks to the 2 skegs on the bottom. There’s enough storage space for everyone on board to store their gear. And the high-quality materials ensure durability.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 12’6” x 2’10” / 381 x 86.4 cm
  • Kayak weight:  32 lbs / 14.5 kg
  • Weight capacity:  650 lbs / 295 kg


  • Easy to transport and store.
  • 3-person kayaking.
  • Good stability and tracking.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Large storage space.
  • Durable.


  • No major shortcomings.

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak , Blue

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as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

Made from heavy-duty and high-quality PVC base and a tarpaulin bottom, the Sevylor 3-person kayak is a very durable kayak that’s capable of taking on calm waters. This kayak can comfortably accommodate three people and their gear.

Despite the 3-person capacity of this kayak, it’s still lightweight and easy to transport. Storage is also easy thanks to the inflatable design. The carry handles also make it easy to carry this yak out of the water. Inflation and deflation is fast and easy thanks to the high-quality valve incorporated on this yak.

There are multiple air chambers in this kayak and this makes it very difficult to sink. Should your kayak ever get punctured, you’ll be able to paddle safely back to shore and fix it.

The included seats are comfortable and adjustable. Paddling is easy and the stability and tracking are impressive.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 12’3” x 3’1” / 370 x 93.44 cm
  • Kayak weight:  34.76 lbs / 15.8 kg
  • Weight capacity:  490 lbs / 222 kg


  • Lightweight and easy to transport/store.
  • Can comfortably accommodate three people.
  • Quick and fast inflation/deflation.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Durable.


  • No major shortcomings.

BRIS 14.1ft 3-Person Kayak

BRIS 14.1ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Kayak 3 Person Kayak Canoe Fishing Inflatable poonton Boat

$699.00  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

The BRIS BSK430 is a high-quality inflatable kayak that’s capable of accommodating three comfortably. It’s very lightweight and thus, easy to transport and store.

I was impressed with the stability of this kayak as it provides a stable platform for paddlers to stand or sit for fishing. And the seats are comfortable enough for long kayaking expeditions.

The premium PVC material used makes this kayak is resistant to tearing, tension and breaking. So you can expect this kayak to last for a very long time. Multiple air chambers make this kayak safer as it’s difficult to sink. If there’s a puncture anywhere, you can easily paddle back to shore to make the necessary repairs.

A repair kit is included in the package so you can easily fix any damage the kayak sustains. Chances are you won’t be using the repair kit much as the PVC material used is very rugged and long-lasting.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 14.1 x 4.3 ft / 430 x 131 cm
  • Kayak weight:  70 lbs / 31 kg
  • Weight capacity:  770 lbs / 349 kg


  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Very stable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Includes a repair kit.
  • Very rugged and long-lasting.


  • N/A.

Sevylor Tahiti Plus Kayak

Sevylor Tahiti Plus 2+1 Man Canadian Canoe Inflatable Sea Kayak, 361 x 90 cm

$483.99  in stock
2 new from $483.99
as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

Sevylor is a well-known brand in the kayak and is reputable for producing quality kayaks. The Sevylor Tahiti Plus is a high-quality 3-person kayak that comes with three comfortable seats. It’s a great kayak for a group of people looking to have fun and bond over a sport they all love.

This kayak is lightweight, easy to store, and transport. Thanks to the Boston valves, the inflation and deflation process is fast and straightforward. Ideally, this kayak should be used by two adults and a child/pet. Three adults on this kayak may be a bit too much. And it’s also very stable on water and easy to maneuver.

Three air chambers mean this kayak will not sink if punctured as it will still be buoyant thanks to the other chambers. But don’t count on this yak getting punctured easily thanks to the high-quality PVC materials that are incredibly rugged and durable.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 12 x 3 ft / 363 x 88 cm
  • Kayak weight:  26 lbs / 12 kg
  • Weight capacity:  440 lbs / 200 kg


  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Easy to inflate/deflate.
  • Very comfortable.
  • High load capacity.
  • Rugged and durable.


  • No major shortcomings.

Driftsun Rover 120/220 Kayak

Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Tandem Kayak Inflatable White-Water Kayak with High Pressure Floor and EVA Padded Seats, High Back Support, Action Cam Mount, Aluminum Paddles, and Pump

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3 new from $929.99
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as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

The Driftsun Rover is a quality 3-person kayak that’s adventure-ready right out of the box. Being an inflatable kayak, the Driftsun Rover is very compact, lightweight, easy to store, and transport. Inflating this kayak is very easy and usually takes place in less than 10 minutes.

This kayak is very durable thanks to the 1000D reinforced layered PVC side tubes and the heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin that’s used on the bottom of the kayak to protect from punctures and holes as you move the vessel in and out of the water.

There are a number of features on this kayak that make it very stable and easy to maneuver on water. Such features include a removable tracking fin, rigid high-pressure drop stitch floor, and ample rocker profile. I must also talk about the adjustable EVA padded seats that also come with high back support. This makes the Driftsun Rover one very comfortable.


  • Type: sit-on-top inflatable kayak
  • Size (inflated size): 12’5” ft x 38 x 13 in / 381 x 91 x 33 cm
  • Kayak weight:  28 lbs / 12.7 kg
  • Weight capacity:  600 lbs / 272.2 kg


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Stable and easy to maneuver.
  • Very high weight capacity.
  • Top-notch comfort.
  • Very durable.


  • No major shortcomings.

Driftsun Almanor Kayak

Driftsun Almanor 130 Inflatable Kayak - Green Two-Person Recreational Touring Kayak Package Includes EVA Padded Seats with High Back Support, Paddles, Pump and Travel Bag

$829.99  in stock
as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

Another quality 3-person kayak from Driftsun. This kayak can comfortably accommodate two adults and a child/pet. There’s enough room for anyone onboard and you all will be comfortable throughout the kayaking expedition.

It’s very lightweight and easy to transport thanks to it being an inflatable kayak. Storage is also easy as well as the inflation and deflation process.

The adjustable padded EVA seats with high back support are very comfortable and make your kayaking expedition more enjoyable. There’s also the multi-position footrest for added comfort.

Tracking is improved thanks to the removable skeg that allows you to paddle in a straight line by improving directional stability. The kayak performs best on calm waters and mild rough waters.

The craftsmanship of this kayak is of very high quality. This combined with the premium materials makes this kayak very durable and long-lasting.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 14’5” x 40” / 439 x 101 cm
  • Kayak weight:  33 lbs / 15 kg
  • Weight capacity:  600 lbs / 272 kg


  • Lightweight and easy to transport/store.
  • Very spacious and comfortable.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Good tracking.
  • Durable.


  • The carry bag could be better designed.

Sea Eagle 420x Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

$1,079.10  in stock
6 new from $1,079.10
as of July 2, 2022 3:47 am

I end this list with the Sea Eagle kayak, another wonderful 3 person kayak. It’s designed to be used by two adults and a child/pet, so be sure to keep to this.

This kayak is about the size of a small backpack when deflated and this makes it easy to store and transport this kayak. Inflating this kayak is easy thanks to the small pump included in the package. You are just minutes away from getting on the water.

You can expect great rigidity and responsiveness when paddling this kayak thanks to the unique modular design of this kayak as it features a super rigid, high-pressure, drop stitch floor that sits on top of an outside floor.

The included seats are very comfortable and the high-quality 1000 denier reinforced PVC material allows this kayak capable of taking a lot of abuse. And this makes it long-lasting and durable.


  • Type:  Inflatable sit-on-top kayak
  • Size: 14′ x 39” / 426 x 99 cm
  • Kayak weight:  42 lbs / 19 kg
  • Weight capacity:  855 lbs / 387 kg


  • Lightweight.
  • Ease of storage and transport.
  • Ease of inflation and deflation.
  • Good stability and tracking.
  • Comfortable.
  • Rugged and durable.


  • Instruction manual not detailed enough.

Best Inflatable 3-Person Kayaks – The Guide 

Let’s now go over the useful things to know when in the process of choosing your 3-person kayak.

What is Drop Stitching?

Drop stitching is a popular terminology used in the kayak industry and it refers to a knitting technique that is used to produce an extremely strong weave between two pieces of materials.

Many manufacturers have started using this technique to produce kayaks, especially the inflatable types and the result is very strong and high-performing vessels that can be inflated to pressures up to 20 PSI.

What Are The Benefits of Skegs?

Sometimes referred to as tracking fins, skegs are essentially “fins” that are attached below the hull of kayaks. Skegs can be easily attached and detached to kayaks.

The main benefit of skegs is that they improve the tracking of your yak. Tracking is the ability of your yak to travel straight and skegs improve this especially when you are paddling in rapid currents or windy conditions.

How to Choose Your 3-person Kayak

There are several factors you must put into consideration when choosing a 3-person kayak and I’ll be discussing them below:


Most of the 3-person kayaks on this list are inflatable kayaks and this is a testament to the advancement inflatables have undergone over the years.

Most inflatable kayaks in the market are made from either PVC, nitrylon, or hypalon. PVC is the most commonly used material because it is very durable, water-resistant, affordable, and lightweight. It’s common to see manufacturers combining PVC with nylon for increased durability.

Nitrylon is another material used to manufacture inflatable kayaks and has the advantage of increased resistance to puncture and abrasion over PVC. It is also more eco-friendly. However, nitrylon has the drawback of being heavy but its incredible resistance is still being taken advantage of as it is used to manufacture the bottom of kayaks which is one of the most vulnerable parts.

Inflatable kayaks made from hypalon tend to be more expensive as it’s not easy to work with the material. Hypalon resists UV better than PVC. Also, it withstands abrasion better than either Nitrylon or PVC.
best 3-person kayaks - guide

Kayak Size and Cockpit Size

Three people is a lot and any kayak that is to be used by three people must have sufficient space to accommodate all the parties involved. This is why the minimum length for a 3-person kayak should be 10 feet.

You should always consider the gear all three people will be bringing onboard. Also, inflatable 3-person kayaks usually feature large tubes on either side and the result of this is a reduction of cockpit size and width. And you need as much room in the cockpit for comfort and stability.

There are models of 3-person yaks that are designed to be used by two adults and a child/pet while some are designed to be three adults.

Storage Space

3-person kayaks are generally longer and as a rule of thumb, the longer a kayak, the faster it is. The combined paddling of three people also means you can achieve faster speeds with 3-person kayaks.

Also, 3-person kayaks are also wider and this greatly improves their stability. Generally, tandem kayaks and 3-person kayaks are seen as great ways to introduce children and even adults to kayaking.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of every kayak is specified by the manufacturer. And it’s in your best interest not to overload your kayak if you don’t want to compromise its durability.

Always consider your weight, that of your partner if any, and your gear when buying a kayak, Then get one that can easily handle the combined weight.

Weight and Transportation

If your 3-person kayak is an inflatable kayak, then transportation and storage won’t be a problem. But it is a hard shell yak made from fiberglass or carbon, then it’s going to be very heavy and bulky. And you’ll need a vehicle to transport it. Storage will also require someone with some space like a garage, shed, or barn.

Final Thoughts

‘The more, the merrier’ isn’t applicable to every situation or scenario. But when it comes to kayaking, this saying is spot on. 3-person kayaking allows you to bond with your friends, family, and loved ones. So do well to get one and have a nice time with your tribe.

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