Sam Guest (Kitesurfing)

About Sam Guest

Sam is the owner and Chief Instructor of Tantrum Kitesurf. Since leaving his job as an officer in the Royal Marines he’s embarked upon a career devoted to watersports and the psychology of teaching. He’s spent 3 years teaching windsurfing and sailing all over Europe, during this time worked as Chief Instructor of a major watersports centre in France. Arriving in Tarifa one winter he took up kitesurfing and has never looked back. During his time here he has co-founded a company running 4×4 kitesurf adventures to Morocco and has been teaching kitesurfing for 5 years as a fully qualified IKO kitesurfing instructor, almost exclusively on the beaches of Tarifa and the Costa de la Luz. An expert on training, human communication and kitesurfing instruction he has written articles for The Gibraltar Magazine, Toxic Magazine and Liquid Magazine.

About Tantrum Kitesurf

Cutting the time it takes to learn to kitesurf in half

At Tantrum Kitesurf they don’t believe that a traditional 3 hour kitesurfing lesson is enough to really get you kitesurfing as quickly as is possible. After 6 years of teaching kitesurfing they have started to crack the code of how people really learn to kitesurf in the fastest time possible. Having started out teaching kitesurfing along the same lines as everyone else, using the traditional IKO methodology we started to ask, “is this really the best and fastest way to get people up and riding safely?” Years of experience and thousands of experiments later we have determined the answer to that question…an empirical “NO.”

They have developed their courses to be different to a traditional course in several crucial ways. The most obvious is the Unlimited Hours Format. We found that students and instructors often felt rushed by the traditional 3 hour model. If lines got twisted or the wind was a little twitchy both clients and instructors felt under a great deal of pressure to get the most out of the time and pressure is the last thing you want to feel when trying to learn a new sport, especially one like kitesurfing. So they moved to a model whereby clients had as much time at the beach as they felt they needed. This instantly did 2 things, meant that clients (and instructors) enjoyed their day a lot more as they had the time to make mistakes and to learn at their own pace, but also people started to learn a lot faster.

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