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Kitesurfing magic in Brazil

World Champ Youri Zoon and Vice World Champ Bruna Kajiya make kitesurfing look easy with a few big freestyle tricks:

Since going pro, Bruna has found that the job comes with a few pressures, mainly “the pressure to perform and keeping your sponsors happy” and having to balance professionalism with love of the sport: “You have to be careful not to have the fun in riding taken away by that,” she says, but it’s a balance she seems to have found.

Having settled for second place three years in a row, 2009 was the year Bruna’s determination finally paid off and she took the top spot on the PKRA world tour podium. Today Bruna is known for her powered tricks and dedication to closing the gap between men and women’s kiting. “I thought that my goal was to be world champion, that it would fulfill me as a professional. When I managed to be world champion in 2009 I realized that it didn’t really change anything. For me it’s about pushing the sport and making it go into another direction.”

I have profiled Youri Zoon before and you can follow that link for more, but suffice it to say that Youri, a Dutch professional kiteboarder, is still very much on top of his game. His 4 favourite kitesurfing sports are Brouwersdam, Tarifa, Brazil, Cape Town. He was 2011 and 2012 World Champion.

Feature photo courtesy of Toby Bromwich: PKRA


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