Some fabulous surfing from Matt Meola & Albee Layer

If you want to feast your eyes on some great surfing, I suggest you follow Matt Meola & Albee Layer’s new web series called ‘The Isle’. Here’s their teaser video for starters:

They have several episodes out now from all around the world. Episode One is set on Maui’s windy North Shore, and showcases an  impressive display of aerial manoeuvres with Matt stomping his signature hippy flip a couple of times while Albee performs a couple of gut-wrenching gouges for good measure.

Episode 2 is a day on ‘Jaws’ and includes other surfing aristocrats.

Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (that’s up to date) are all great watching.

So who are these two lads? Well, they’re born and bred in Hawaii for starters … and the ocean is in their bones. This video will tell you a little more about them:

Don’t skip the other episodes, but Episode 8 has something special. People have been talking about Albee’s double alley-oop, the first double alley-oop ever pulled, but no-one had seen it until they released Episode 8 on the 20th December. The spin happens at around 8:30, but I suggest you watch the whole clip as it’s excellent, and the anticipation builds along the way…

When Stab Magazine asked Albee what the rotation is exactly, he said: “That’s the thing with surfing, every rotation is different. On a half pipe you come up straight and come down whatever way. I think it’s more of a 540 than a 720. You do a 720, but the 540 is actually done in the air. I have a feeling people are gonna argue that for a while.”

It’s a question that will be discussed and argued over many beers I think!

Lola Jones

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