Ice Climbing

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2011 | 4 April - 5 Comments

The North Face of the Eiger, Switzerland

The North Face of the Eiger is now the playground of the world’s most extreme athletes. …

2011 | 1 April - 0 Comments

Is Ben Shillington the next Ranulph Fiennes?

Canadian born adventurer, Ben Shillington, prepares for a Greenland Expedition. …

2009 | 30 September - 0 Comments

Continuing the discussion on different climbing styles

Some important techniques and practices common in rock climbing (a discipline we are more familiar with) that are also employed …

2009 | 12 February - 0 Comments

Iceberg climbing extreme in the northern Atlantic

Gadd had the thrill of his life climbing icebergs. He and Ben Firth, 29, went on a hunt for grounded bergs in Newfoundland …

2008 | 4 December - 0 Comments

This one’s all about ICE CLIMBING

Ice climbing usually refers to roped and protected climbing of features such as icefalls, frozen waterfalls, and cliffs and …

2008 | 6 November - 0 Comments

Hintertuxer – an extreme sport destination

This place is a veritable extreme sport wonderland. …