Hang Gliding

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2009 | 13 July - 0 Comments

The art of hang gliding

2009 | 3 April - 0 Comments

How to hang glide part 2 – for Nicholas Cage

You start by learning how to set up the wings – its not a big deal but does of course have to be done the right way but …

2008 | 17 December - 0 Comments

Hang Gliding championship fest down under

The annual hang gliding fest at the Forbes Flatlands aerodrome (NSW, Australia) kicks off… …

2008 | 25 July - 0 Comments

Women to take to the air and fly like a bird

Lookout Mountain Flight Park, located outside of Chattanooga Tennessee, is hosting the 2008 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival …

2008 | 10 July - 0 Comments

Using your hang glider to smuggle

It now appears that the world of extreme sports has got involved with smuggling in a new dimension. The Press Association …

2008 | 24 June - 0 Comments

Positive response to hang gliding fatality

Deaths from hang gliding are rare and that enthusiasts are trained to deal with dangers involved in the sport. …

2008 | 30 May - 0 Comments

SUPERGRAN Barbara Rawlings: I’m going to fly like a bird on my 80th

“I have been in a helicopter but I have always wanted to try hang-gliding and never had the chance before,” supergran of …