A Famous Adrenaline Junkie – Jack Osbourne

Last night I was surfing through the television channels when what did I come across – Jack Osbourne and Elijah Wood doing a tandem swing at Victoria Falls, completing a 3-day white water rafting trip on the Zambezi and becoming the only people to have ever hauled themselves across the actual Falls themselves on ropes – from one side to the other. Elijah Wood was bowled out by the beauty of the Falls from that angle and was in no rush to get to the other side!

This clearly meant that some research was in order – so here I am, crack of dawn, checking out Ozzy Osbourne’s famous son.

First thing that comes to mind is we’ve chosen a lot of our previous articles rather well! Perhaps an explanation is needed there! A lot of what we have written about … Jack Osbourne has tried. A lot of particular places we have mentioned … Jack Osbourne has been there.

He has climbed El Capitan, and tried a 100′ free dive, he has a skydiving license and kick-boxes, he leaps off ocean ledges, surfs in Hawaii, has run with the bulls in Pamplona, had Muay Thai training in Thailand, run the 150-mile ultra-marathon, Marathon des Sables, through the Sahara Desert, done a gruelling jungle expedition in Central America with Trekforce, has tried the ancient and hard-core combat sport of Kushti Wrestling in India, and in Episode 3 he set off around the world testing his adrenaline-fuelled resolve, but this time taking five young recruits with him. The episode kicked off in the mountains of New Zealand, where Jack pushed his fledgling recruits ‘fear of heights’ to terrifying new levels.

And these are only a few of the things he has done…

Not bad for a previously overweight lad with an addiction problem. He cleans up good doesn’t he…

At the end of filming Adrenaline Junkie 3 Jack was asked why should people watch this show? He replied, “The audience will be able to relate to the show and the people in it, plus the challenges are amazing. I really do hope people enjoy the series and that they gain something positive from it.”

The fourth series of Adrenaline Junkie shows Jack taking on a leadership role as he leads a group of celebrities through similar challenges to the ones he faced on the first two series of the programme.

Jack Osbourne and his celebrity companions take on some of the toughest adrenaline thrills challenges the world can offer. In the Alps he is joined by Happy Mondays icon Bez, Ex-EastEnder Charlie Brooks and Shameless’s Jody Latham. They take on one of the world’s biggest bungee jumps down the front of the dam which featured in Goldeneye, build their very own ice hotel in the mountains, and undertake a terrifying mid-air jump from one cable car to another.

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