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If you’re an avid outdoors person, we’ve got the content for you! Once a popular blog focused on news and events related to extreme sports, XtremeSport4U has now transitioned to giving more practical and helpful information about all the outdoor activities you love.

We at XtremeSport4U are passionate about outdoors sports and we work very hard to bring you the best information and the best advice so you can practice your favorite sports in the best conditions.

What You Will Find on XtremeSport4U

XtremeSport4u is a fast-growing website and ambitions to become a one-stop ressource for all so-called “extreme” and outdoors sports.

What you can expect to find here is all the information and knowledge that will help you get started with your chosen outdoor sport or grow in it quickly — without having any previous experience. Each sport has its jargon – often confusing words not understood by newbies – we make this information as beginner friendly as possible on XtremeSport4U.

If you are going on an outdoor adventure, chances are that gear will come into play and a list of the best products is just what you need in order to get out there with confidence! We have published and keep publishing lots of these on XtremeSport4U.

About Our Buying Guides

Let’s face it, extreme sports and outdoor sports are very often gear-intensive. Therefore, buying guides and top gear lists are an important part of this website. These lists are established with a mix of experience and extensive research, the goal being that when you are looking to buy a new piece of equipment, all the hard work has already been done for you.

We have no relationship with any manufacturer that we recommend, and it is against our principles to accept compensation in order for a product to appear in one of our lists. We only recommend the products we believe are the best, period.

Julien Mordret

Who Is Behind XtremeSport4U?

Julien Mordret is the founding father of this website. After getting his start in hometown France when he discovered that thrill-seeking outdoors activities were just as much fun here at home as they are abroad, Julien’s passion for adventure fueled him on many journeys all over the globe – from mountaineering up majestic mountainsides in the Andes to Kayaking in remote Laos, diving in the incredible waters of Raja Ampat or white water rafting in the Peruvian Amazon.

Later on, he developed skills to match those passions after years of practice in a variety of outdoor activities, such as cycling, kayaking and much more. Julien wants not only provide top-notch information but also share his passion for what he believes is one life’s greatest experiences: being outside!