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2013 | 12 January - 0 Comments

How do they find the courage??

2013 | 9 January - 0 Comments

Some fabulous surfing from Matt Meola & Albee Layer

Matt Meola & Albee Layer’s new web series called ‘The Isle’ – it’s worth following …

2013 | 8 January - 0 Comments

Scuba diving in Gorontalo, Indonesia

An exotic dive site in Indonesia …

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2013 | 3 January Skiing, snowboarding – it’s that time of year again

Spectacular snowboard crashes

2013 | 3 January Kitesurfing magic in Brazil

World PKRA Champions Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya

2013 | 2 January Climbing sea stacks…

Climbers tackle the sea stacks near East Trinity, Newfoundland

2013 | 1 January Blast your way into 2013

Happy New Year to all from Xtremesport4u

2012 | 29 December The world’s craziest jumps and Powerbocking

Get your balance on your powerbockers, and then go extreme!

2012 | 27 December Alexander Polli takes wingsuit flying to a whole new level

Following a natural progression, wingsuit flying soon morphed, for some, into proximity flying which is the ultimate challenge of flying close to the faces and ridges of mountains.

2012 | 23 December Video: Tumbling into Doomsday – Horacio Llorens sets new World Record

With 568 consecutive loops, paraglider Horacio Llorens has set a new world record in infinity tumbling. The chosen location for this feat… the Mayan ruins of Takalik Abaj, in Guatemala!

2012 | 19 December The Solar Eclipse Marathon

An Adventure Marathon through the Valley of Temples in Myanmar