Rob Dyrdek Lunches

Can you out lunch Rob Dyrdek with Kraft Lunchables

Extreme lunching with Rob Dyrdek.

Get uploaded with Kraft Lunchables.

There are always ways to improve your entrances or water balloning. Kraft Lunchables Uploaded are looking for your videos or photos to take on Rob Dyrdek’s. Pick a challenge and outdo it. Submit your video or photo and it might be featured on the Lunchables Uploaded site.

And so who is Rob Drydek? apart from being Kraft Lunchables’ new celeb … He is of course a world famous professional skateboarder, American and 20-soemthing. But he is a man who likes to keep himself busy – he is also an actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. To add to this he is also the holder of 21 separate Guiness World Records for Skateboarding and, amongst other things, a Guiness World Record for eating the most powdered donuts in a set period of time. Phew!

This might explain his interest in fronting the Kraft lunchables campaign. These tasty little treats are perfect snack food … which is why he is currently promoting the new Lunchables Uploaded campaign on YouTube.


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