World's longest submerged cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula

An extreme sport that we do not often write about but none the less it is a sport that has many thousands of enthusiastic followers and it is indeed extreme when you consider that the world’s longest subterranean cave system took four years and over five hundred dives to piece together.

It was in March 2007 that a German and a British cave diving team made their dramatic announcement – read the story below and then watch the video from vsproduct of their daring adventure.

Robbie Schmittner from Germany and Steve Bogaert from Great Britain found flooded passageways connecting two previously known cave systems.

Bogaert said their dives proved a connection between the Nohoch Nah Chich caves and the Sac Actun system which altogether measure a length of 95 miles. The longest previously known submerged cave system is the 91 mile Ox Bel Ha system in the same area of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

There is concern that the inter-conectivity of the caves in this region makes them very vulnerable to a source of pollution which would spread rapidly throughout the system of caves. In the times of the Mayan Indians this underground fresh water system provided drinking water to the Mayans where the caves ceilings had collapsed so creating lakes or sink holes.

In some places the submerged caves are massive – big enough to fit a Boeing 747, in other places the team had to remove their scuba gear from their bodies to sqeeze through narrow passages.

As the short video below shows the pioneering spirit is alive and well but this is one extreme sport that we don’t think we will try!


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