Rain forests in extreme danger

OK so its not exactly sport but as regular readers of our blog will know we do occasionally go off on a rant about some particular issue that has……well what can we say………been more irksome than a hungry mosquito (are mosquitos ever not hungry?). And you will be pleased to hear that today is such a day and our subject…..The Rain Forests of the World.

Yes they are in extreme danger – did you realise that an area the size of England, Scotland and Wales is being destroyed every year!

We have ranted about the delicate balance of our ecosystem before but now we are really delighted that this precious, precious resource – the rain forests – are getting some real heavy weight attention – none other than HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Check out what he has to say in the video below.

We do not believe this to be sensationalist rhetoric – that is really not HRH’s style – but as he says quite simply – ‘the forests are better alive than dead’. This is a view held by a number of famous and well informed luminaries including the Dalai Lama – check out their supporting video below.

The message is conveyed so much more eloquently and powerfully than we could ever hope to achieve so all there is left to say is please, please go and visit The Prince’s website – the link for which is www.princesrainforestsproject.org and sign up – maybe you are not ever going to be the world’s fastest or strongest but you are a person, you have a computer and you can click on a link – do it – this is important.


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