RacingThePlanet Namibia 2009 has been won by Salvador Calvo Redondo of Spain

This clip from racingtheplanet is worth watching. It gives you an idea of the terrain that was covered over the last few days of the race – but does not show the rigours of the first day in the canyon.

A starkly beautiful landscape.

Salvador Calvo Redondo (Spain) has been officially awarded the prize for first overall winner with the time of 25 hours and 47 minutes.

In second place came Ryan Sandes (South Africa) who admitted that it was “hard” but joked how “Salvo made me chase him the whole way.”

Sandes was the first person to cross the finish line on the final day. He finished at 10:19:46. Next to come through was Redondo at 10:20:30, closely followed by Javier Gomez (Spain) at 10:20:34. Redondo walked up to Sandes to congratulate him, and the pair who had fought so hard for the entire race, shook hands with mutual respect. Of his incredibly fast sprint to the end Sandes said, “I was missing this all week, and I just gave it one last burn”.

“I am very grateful to Ryan for the race we had together,” Salvador replied.

The first placing woman was Lucy Hilton (United Kingdom), she gave thanks to the volunteers who “kept [her] going.”

The first placing team was Team Swana (Israel). Team spokesperson Kobi Itzchaki (Israel) gave thanks to his fellow competitors for “making it special” but also to RacingThePlanet. “for the opportunity to enjoy the challenge and beauty of Africa”.

Speaking to racingtheplanet later, Sandes had this to say about the race:

He is going to be a competitor worth watching in the future.

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