Extreme Polo…..we don't think so!

We thought we would put a blog out about extreme polo today and so we started researching the subject. Our YouTube search came up with this extraordinary act which not surprisingly is called extreme polo by enriquepolo.

Ok so it may not be exactly what we had in mind to present but we thought it was so amazing that we must share it with you.

Globe of Death by Extreme Polo features five men riding their motor bikes in a minute transparent steel globe which would appear to not have enough room to swing a cat. But these five blokes – Enrique Polo, Sergio Ayres, David DaCruz, Nildo Mendes and Pedro Robatini somehow manage to achieve the impossible and drive their bikes within the globe without crashing. Impressive stuff.

So our search had to continue and eventually we found the real thing. Polo on horse back but played in the snow – in this case in Aspen, Colorado – but it doesn’t look a great game, too slow with the ball being held up in the snow which inevitably gets churned up by the horses. See what you think in this video by sourtoefilms.

So our research did find some interesting and extreme forms of polo but we will save those for another day. Not wanting to leave you disappointed we thought you would appreciate watching this video by BlackWatchPoloTeam of the Black Watch Polo Team who are one of the preminent polo teams in the North American Polo League.

The team is captained by Nacho Figueras with Bautista Heguy, Matias MacDonough and Francisco de Narvaez being the other players. The Black Watch Polo Team is owned by Neil Hirsch from Florida.

The best polo players in the world come from Argentina and we were wondering why there was no polo competition at the Olmpic games until we asked an Argentinian friend who said, ‘there would be no competition, despite the handicap system, for a national Argentinian team’. Bold words but he is probably right. However we note from Black Watch’s website that they are entered for the 2012 summer Olympics in London…….this requires further research but polo at the Olympics would be a welcome addition….sounds rather more exciting and extreme than synchronised swimming?!!

Here is Nacho and his team mates talking about the Black Watch Polo team.

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