End of Day 3 in the RacingThePlanet Namibia 2009 Ultramarathon

A very quick run-down as Day 3 draws to a close with thanks to RacingThePlanet for sending us the information:

Andrew Strachan (United Kingdom), Philipp Mosimann (Switzerland), Gordon Shaw (United Kingdom) and Alex Howarth ran in together to the finish line looking strong and happy, despite the heat.

Strachan reported that he had seen a zebra carcass, “but by that time I was about ready to eat it,” he said.

There was wildlife aplenty in Stage 3, a springbok, “something with horns” and potentially, “some sort of cat,” were sighted. Rob Bolton (United Kingdom) didn’t waste an opportunity to take his shirt off and, “get his guns out,” he said when he finished the grueling stage, somewhat delirious having narrowly escaping a nasty encounter with a viper.

Rachel Farley (United Kingdom) and Joseph Osha (United States) discussed how it, “is better to run slowly than to walk fast.”

A mistake has been made regarding Mark Jaget’s (United States) withdrawal. There must have been a number mix-up. Jaget is still running strong and is placed 22nd overall.

Now you really are up to date…

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