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2012 | 26 November - 1 Comment

Top five worldwide locations for extreme sports

Exotic locations and extreme sports – a perfect combination …

Don't know what to do this weekend?
re-sized zorbing

2008 | 3 July - 0 Comments

Extreme Zorbing coming to the Massachussets

It’s called zorbing or sphereing, and you can get a look at the latest in extreme sports at the Amesbury Sports Park. …

re-sized zorb

2008 | 24 June - 0 Comments

Zorb rolls into trouble

Executives of a New Zealand company carving out a global niche in extreme sports say they are investigating a counterfeit …

re-sized zorb

2008 | 12 March - 0 Comments

Zorbing or is it absorbing?

Is this an extreme sport? …