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re-sized Rossy - Rio

2012 | 4 May - 2 Comments

Yves Rossy, aka Jetman, achieves another first

Yves Rossy gets an eagle’s view of Rio …

re-sized Yves Rossy

2011 | 28 November - 1 Comment

Our boy Yves has done it again

Another extraordinary feat for Yves Rossy …

rre-sized jetman

2011 | 12 May - 1 Comment

Yves Rossy flies the Grand Canyon

The Jetman takes on the Grand Canyon …

re-sized buck rogers

2008 | 27 October - 0 Comments

Was Buck Rogers the first wing suit flyer?

So you see – when I read words such as ‘ostrich, shattered knee cap and wreckage strewn territory’ you will understand why …

re-sized yves rossy

2008 | 4 October - 0 Comments

Do You Remember Yves Rossy?

Ever since he was a child, Yves Rossy had wanted to “fly like a bird”. …

re-sized yves rossy in Alps

2008 | 15 May - 0 Comments

Yves Rossy soars above Alps with jet-powered wing

“A Swiss pilot strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the …