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Alpine Skiing - Peter Fill

2013 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Downhill racings’ most spectacular crash this year

The gate downhill ski racer Peter Fill destroyed was the last gate in the race …

re-sized ski cross

2010 | 23 February - 0 Comments

New extreme sport catches the attention at Whistler

Ski Cross, or Ski X as it is often written, is a race on skis between four skiers on a man made course which includes twists, …

2010 | 16 February - 0 Comments

The dangers of the luge

Flying by the seat of his pants
re-sized Whistler mountain biking

2010 | 5 February - 0 Comments

The other story about Whistler

Whistler is not only famous for its winter sports activities. It is a different mode of transport about which we write today. …

re-sized markApronStrings Squamish
re-sized Whistler's glaciers

2008 | 10 June - 0 Comments

Whistler’s glacier season starts today

Glacier skiing is like waltzing… …

re-sized MBXtReme

2008 | 15 May - 0 Comments

Extreme mountain biking

I want to tell you about the toughest form of mountain biking – and appropriately enough its known as extreme cross country …