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re-sized Wales podium

2012 | 10 September - 3 Comments

Congratulations to Steven LoBou at Wales’ Cliff Diving competition

The UK’s first Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was a huge success …

Anatoliy Shabotenko

2012 | 7 September - 2 Comments

Cliff diving in WALES this weekend, but to keep our appetite whetted here’s something else

The penultimate weekend of Red Bull’s Cliff Diving competition 2012 …

re-sized sheep

2009 | 30 December - 0 Comments

Sheep art claims 6 million hits

Now this is something different and perhaps it is not an extreme sport in the general sense that we all know and love. This …

2009 | 27 October - 0 Comments

How to catch a Marlin

re-sized Kirsty Jones

2008 | 12 November - 0 Comments

Kirsty Jones is Kiteboard World Pro Tour champion

The current British champion Kirsty Jones from Carmarthenshire in Wales has become the Kiteboard Pro World Tour champion …

re-sized MB Scotland

2008 | 4 November - 0 Comments

Where to go mountain biking in Scotland, England and Wales

Almost all trail centres in the UK cater for all standards of mountain bikers. …

re-sized tree climbing

2008 | 31 July - 1 Comment

Some ideas to get out ‘n about this summer in England

Here at xtremesports4u.com we recognise the need for all of us to turn off the telly and get out and about – you don’t have …

re-sized kitesurfers and beach users

2008 | 20 March - 0 Comments

Kite Quandary

Councillor Andrew Tutton fears that there could be a deadly collision between kite surfers and other beach users – he means …