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2012 | 10 August - 0 Comments

‘Masters of Movement’ – never a truer word was said

These superlative videos have been put together by Degree Omega. The sites are stunning, the photography truly awesome. Snowboarder …

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2012 | 26 April - 0 Comments

Travis Rice – a force to reckon with

An inspirational snowboarder – Travis Rice …

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2011 | 5 August - 1 Comment

Life looks pretty cool for Travis Rice

Extreme snowboarding, extreme filming – the perfect combination. …

re-sized snoboarding in new york

2009 | 31 December - 0 Comments

Extreme snowboarding in New York

When you get a line up that includes Terje, Travis Rice, Daniel Ek, Scotty Lago and Torstein Horgmo and throw in the extreme …

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2009 | 8 February - 0 Comments

New York’s Snowscraper fest leaves local boy with the top prize

Thursday night at Red Bull’s Snowscrapers, the largest urban snowboarding contest held in North America, local pro Shayne …

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2009 | 5 February - 0 Comments

$100,000 up for grabs in New Yorks snowboarding extravaganza

Over the last three weeks, a massive snowboard ramp has risen in East River Park, in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. …