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re-sized north face of the Eiger
re-sized Eiger-Monch-Jungfrau
re-sized Cervinia

2008 | 5 November - 0 Comments

Which opening dates have been scheduled for European ski resorts?

The winter wonderland of the Alps. …

re-sized Verzasca dam wall

2008 | 26 September - 0 Comments

Would You Ever Bungee Jump?

Somebody described it as ‘the ultimate leap of faith’… and it is an apt description. Extreme in the extreme, unnatural …

re-sized japanese snowboarders
re-sized matterhorn

2008 | 20 August - 1 Comment

Europe’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Technical climbing of the Matterhorn is a long-loved tradition luring many, from novices to professionals and is best arranged …

re-sized yves rossy in Alps

2008 | 15 May - 0 Comments

Yves Rossy soars above Alps with jet-powered wing

“A Swiss pilot strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the …