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re-sized Tarifa Spain April 2011 098

2011 | 17 August - 0 Comments

A great Tantrum Kitesurf insight into life and kiting at Tarifa

The best place to learn to kitesurf …

re-sized the arch
re-sized Nike BCN BMX arena
re-sized Chris Akrigg

2011 | 5 March - 0 Comments

Chris Akrigg – the ultimate bike rider?

Downhill trails and trials are the ultimate adrenaline test for an extreme cyclist. Chris Akrigg makes it look easy. …

Barcelona World Race Map

2010 | 28 December - 0 Comments

A Double-handed Sailing Race begins on Friday, 31st December

The extreme sport of short-handed sailing is dominated by Europeans, but other nationalities are going to try to prove their …


2010 | 15 December - 2 Comments

2011 Adventure Racing World Championships to be staged in Tasmania

Tasmania is a world renowned adventure destination and the 2011 Adventure Racing World Championships will be held there in …

re-sized bull fighting

2009 | 14 September - 14 Comments

Bull fighting – the argument for

Bullfighting has existed for thousands of years and it has been popular in Spain for nearly a millennium where it attracts …

re-sized running with the bulls

2009 | 21 July - 0 Comments

Killed by a Capuchino

Running with the bulls is a form of extreme sport in the sense that if you get ‘it’ wrong the consequences can be fatal. …

re-sized Chris Sharma

2009 | 6 July - 1 Comment

In praise of Chris Sharma – one of climbing’s most extreme talents

At 26, Chris Sharma is an athlete endowed with unparalleled physical strength and mental tenacity, dominating world sport …

re-sized Bimbache Extrem

2009 | 15 May - 0 Comments

2 Adventure Races coming up in Europe this month (May)

The Bimbache Extrem promises to be a very dynamic adventure race, with continuous changes of activity. …