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Louis Vuitton trophy update

2009 | 19 November - 0 Comments

Louis Vuitton trophy update

re-sized Mount_Elbrus_May_2008

2009 | 19 August - 0 Comments

Mount Elbrus – where is it?

If Mount Elbrus in considered to be in Europe, it considerably overshadows Mont Blanc. Elbrus is 5,642m high which overwhelms …

re-sized Volvo World Ocean Race

2009 | 29 March - 0 Comments

Extreme Ocean Racing

re-sized Murmansk region

2009 | 13 March - 0 Comments

One of the most extreme kite races in the world

The 100km snowkite race on the Kola Peninsula is one of the most extreme kite races in the world. …

Extreme white water rafting in Russia
re-sized jeb corliss

2009 | 24 January - 0 Comments

American squirrel man escapes jail sentence

Jeb Corliss is one of the most celebrated and well known names in the world of base jumping and wingsuit flying. …

re-sized ice in Siberia

2008 | 22 December - 0 Comments

Adventure racers might like to know about the JANUARY RACE at Anisimovka, Russia.

Looking to do something different next year??? What a way to start it: a ski holiday at the Gribanovka Ski Resort timed perfectly …

re-sized Vasaloppet

2008 | 9 December - 0 Comments

Europe’s greatest ski fest – the Vasaloppet

This is Europe’s greatest ski fest. …

re-sized MB extreme

2008 | 7 August - 0 Comments

Russia’s mountain biking scene coming of age

Moscow’s mountain biking fans will get the chance to see some of Russia’s best racers compete… …

re-sized beluga whale

2008 | 18 May - 0 Comments

An extreme dive in extreme conditions

Scuba diving in Russia’s White Sea is a truly incredible extreme scuba dive experience. …