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Foto Dimitry Sakharov 09
re-sized B-boy Lil G in action

2011 | 30 November - 0 Comments

Some action from the B-Boys in Moscow

Extreme moves wins Roxrite the Red Bull B-Boys championship …

re-sized Sarah in snow

2011 | 3 October - 0 Comments

A quick Sarah Outen update as she makes a dash for Japan

As the north freezes over, Sarah Outen kayaks to Japan …

re-sized maroc_grand_sud

2011 | 11 March - 0 Comments

March is packed full of Adventure Races

March has several exciting adventure races scheduled, climaxing in the ultra-extreme Siberian Black Ice Race on the frozen …

re-sized snowkiting promise of the Kola Peninsula
Rope jumping Russia

2010 | 30 December - 0 Comments

Rope jumping – a new extreme sport?

“Rope jumping is actually the safest of extreme sports” says Timofei Zuev. Although not officially forbidden, police usually …

International annual snow sculpture – a give away to China?
re-sized Mount Elbrus

2009 | 9 December - 0 Comments

Europe’s highest mountain – Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe, and one of the Seven Summits. Although Elbrus is the highest summit, it is one …