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re-sized costa de caparica ISA

2008 | 16 October - 0 Comments

ISA World Surfing Games – Day 5

“At this stage of the event the level of surfing is so high that it comes down to who gets the best waves,” says New Zealand …

re-sized sally fitzgibbons

2008 | 15 October - 0 Comments

Day 4 at Costa de Caparica, Portugal

Fitzgibbons, who won in Costa de Caparica at the World Junior Surfing Championship last year, produced the highest combined …

re-sized Costa_de_Caparica

2008 | 13 October - 0 Comments

ISA World Surfing Games – Costa de Caparica

The 22nd Surfing Games have begun in Portugal with sunshine, five-foot waves, well-wishers and, most importantly of all, …

re-sized sunset at costa de caparica

2008 | 18 September - 0 Comments

Another Red Alert – Put This Date in Your Surfing Calendar

Costa de Caparica is 13km of beautiful beaches located on the central Portuguese coastline with a chain of very consistent …

re-sized Formosa Portugal

2008 | 1 August - 1 Comment

Maritime police crack down on kitesurfers in Formosa, Portugal

After several accidents occurring in the estuary this year, Maritime Police have prohibited kitesurfing and windsurfing in …