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2011 | 25 April - 0 Comments

Has the Indus River been tamed?

This is some of South Asia’s best kayaking! …

re-sized Baintha Brakk

2009 | 4 September - 3 Comments

A mountain whose name still inspires awe – BAINTHA BRAKK aka The Ogre

Baintha Brakk is famous for being one of the hardest peaks in the world to climb. It is steep and craggy and 7,285 metres …

re-sized Nangar Parbat

2008 | 19 August - 23 Comments

The World’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains to Climb – the Himalayas

These legendary mountains have attracted adventurers over the centuries. But extreme weather, perilous crevasses and even …