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ew-sized bungy Nepal

2012 | 16 January - 0 Comments

Since bungy jumping is topical at the moment, you should enjoy this

The trip of a lifetime – a holiday in Nepal …

re-sized bungee Nepal

2011 | 12 September - 1 Comment

Another stunning bungee jump…

One of the most extreme bungee jumps in the world. …

Yuichiro Miura

2010 | 29 December - 1 Comment

A tribute to the original extreme skier – Yuichiro Miura

He was 37 years old when he became the first man to ski down Everest and the fact that it very nearly cost him his life did …


2010 | 23 April - 0 Comments

RacingThePlanet is going to Nepal

Many believe Pokhara to be the most beautiful place in the world and it is already well known as an adventure centre. The …


2010 | 5 March - 0 Comments

The 2-week Yak Attack in Nepal is about to start…

The Yak Attack is an extraodinary extreme endurance race with the aim to decide once and for all who is the faster over severe …

re-sized yak attack 2009

2009 | 18 December - 0 Comments

Mountain bike Yak attack challenge

The Yak Attack is considered to be one of the toughest challenges you are ever likely to come across. A 420km mountain bike …

Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge
re-sized first everest skydive

2008 | 15 October - 0 Comments

Remember the Skydive that was going to happen over Mt Everest?

The first planned skydive over Mount Everest… …

re-sized jane dougall skydiving

2008 | 2 October - 0 Comments

It’s Been an Everest Day

Did you know that only one in six people who try to conquer Everest actually summit and get down alive? …