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2012 | 22 June - 1 Comment

The longest, toughest, bestest horse race in the world – The Mongol Derby

The longest, toughest horse race in the world – The Mongol Derby …

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2011 | 1 July - 0 Comments

Stage 5,The Long March in the Gobi Desert is over and July has just begun

One of the Top 10 endurance events in the world. …


2010 | 19 August - 0 Comments

The second Mongol Derby has ended with a Snowy River Gallop to the finish line

The Mongol Derby is probably the world’s longest and toughest horse race – the first of its kind and very likely a Guinness …


2010 | 25 July - 1 Comment

The Mongol Rally is about to start…

Are you seeking adventure? Then the Mongol Rally might well be for you… an extreme adventure event where all decisions …

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2010 | 25 February - 0 Comments

Help needed URGENTLY for Mongolia

Thousands of animals have died in Mongolia since the cold set in. The Adventurists have launched an emergency appeal to raise …

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2010 | 14 January - 0 Comments

A Mongol Derby reminder

Known as the toughest horse race in the world and thereby fitting neatly into our extreme sport niche, it bears this title …

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2009 | 30 August - 0 Comments

One week into the race and it’s time to see how the MONGOL DERBY is going…

The first riders crossed the finish line on Saturday in just 7 and a half incredible days. It is a fantastic achievement. …

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2009 | 22 August - 0 Comments

Today’s the day the MONGOL DERBY kicks off

Firstly, and primarily, the Derby is intended as an adventure, and adventure that follows in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, …

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2009 | 2 August - 2 Comments

The Mongol Rally not the Mongol Derby

The Mongol Rally is about as extreme as a motor rally can get. you have a start and finish line but how you get from either …