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2013 | 14 June - 0 Comments

An amazing kayaking video, Cascada

Kayaking a well-known location amongst world-class kayakers, well-known because it has, probably, the highest concentration …

re-sized red bull logo

2011 | 25 March - 0 Comments

Proximity wingsuit flying in Mexico

Some extreme proximity flying with the Red Bull Air Force. …

re-sized barefoot water skiers

2011 | 9 March - 1 Comment

Another new record for WATER SKIING

Fernando Reina Iglesias established a new world record for fastest barefoot water skiing beating a previous record made …

International annual snow sculpture – a give away to China?
re-sized Whale-Shark-01_about_utila

2009 | 15 October - 0 Comments

Swim with the largest fish on earth

Their behaviour towards humans who are diving or snorkelling with them can be almost playful but generally they just continue …

World's longest submerged cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula
re-sized rodeo

2009 | 26 February - 0 Comments

Rodeo timed events – barrel racing, pole bending, steer wrestling

Rodeo can certainly be termed an extreme sport. It originated from the activities of cowboys who on a daily basis were managing …

Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge