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Virgin kite jam

2012 | 20 September - 2 Comments

The Virgin Kite Jam is less than 3 weeks away

In 2 weeks and 5 days the Virgin Kitejam will be held on Maui, Hawaii. …


2010 | 20 June - 0 Comments

A lazy Sunday

re-sized surfing big waves

2008 | 26 December - 0 Comments

Big Waves to think about this weekend…

Some of the biggest waves ever surfed… …

re-sized Steph Gilmore at the Billabong Pro maui event

2008 | 19 December - 0 Comments

Surf the waves – were they able to finish the Billabong Pro Maui event?

There was no surf at Honolulu Bay, for the first time in the 10 year history of the event, and so the organisers were forced …

re-sized billabong pro pipeline

2008 | 16 December - 0 Comments

How’s it going at the Billabong Pro Banzai Pipeline competition in Hawaii?

Pipeline is the powder keg of the surfing world. Surfers from hundreds of countries travel here to prove their moxie in the …

re-sized Killers

2008 | 26 July - 3 Comments

The World’s Most Extreme Waves – The Americas

Since the ancient Hawaiians first slid shoreward on their hand-carved Olo boards, riding the biggest wave of the day has …

re-sized kitesurf Hawaii

2008 | 9 July - 0 Comments

First for kitesurfers in Hawaii

Bringing news of a first in the kite surfing world – from Maui to Oahu, eight kitesurfers will be in the air and on the waves …