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re-sized freedive graph

2009 | 8 April - 0 Comments

How to get your head around FREEDIVING

Kerian Hibbs, who is right at this moment attempting to break a record or two at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahama’s has been …

re-sized freediving in pool

2009 | 24 March - 0 Comments

Freediving – how many minutes does an extreme depth dive take?

Static time underwater is timed, but with depth dives it’s the depth that’s more important – not the time it takes although …

re-sized Apnea_monofin

2008 | 21 November - 0 Comments

Oceanhunter Deep Obsession Freediving Competition in New Zealand

The Oceanhunter Deep Obsession competition has just been completed in New Zealand – the competition was held over two days …

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2008 | 14 November - 0 Comments

The art of conquering FEAR

Joy conquered her fear of water to become a freediver. …

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2008 | 20 September - 0 Comments

A Little More on Freediving, some info from Kerian Hibbs

There is a difference between freediving and ‘no limits’ diving. My last 2 articles on record breaking dives were both ‘no …