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2013 | 20 January - 0 Comments

Near perfect conditions for Mavericks

The big wave competition at Mavericks will run today …

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2011 | 4 November - 0 Comments

He’s done it again, Kelly Slater is a surf legend

An unprecedented 11th ASP World Title… congratulations …

re-sized Kelly Slater rail positioning

2011 | 31 August - 0 Comments

Kelly Slater does it again with consummate skill

One of the most extreme surf competitions ever comes to an extremely satisfying end for Kelly Slater …

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2011 | 8 June - 0 Comments

10 years of Kelly Slater highlights

The ASP World Champion of all time …

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2011 | 23 February - 0 Comments

The first of the ASP World Tour Events gets underway this weekend

Pro surfers will be at Snapper Rocks to either defend their titles or attempt to defeat their peers in the first of the ASP …

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2008 | 16 December - 0 Comments

How’s it going at the Billabong Pro Banzai Pipeline competition in Hawaii?

Pipeline is the powder keg of the surfing world. Surfers from hundreds of countries travel here to prove their moxie in the …