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re-sized aarhusswimstadium

2009 | 4 June - 0 Comments

There’s another world championship freediving competition coming up- this time it’s indoors

Denmark will be hosting the next big freediving competition in August. It is worth remembering that this is an extreme sport …

re-sized Deans blue hole

2009 | 8 April - 0 Comments

An update on the VERTICAL BLUE competition

The Vertical Blue 2009 competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is well underway. Many personal bests have been reached …

re-sized Apnea_monofin

2008 | 21 November - 0 Comments

Oceanhunter Deep Obsession Freediving Competition in New Zealand

The Oceanhunter Deep Obsession competition has just been completed in New Zealand – the competition was held over two days …