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Big Wave Surfing at Jaws

2012 | 7 August - 0 Comments

Big Wave World Tour 2012 is back on the road

The biggest, hardest, most difficult waves in the world to surf! It takes balls. …

re-sized kitesurfing

2012 | 16 April - 1 Comment

One-upmanship on Jaws

How to conquer Jaws with a kite …


2011 | 26 January - 1 Comment

Robby Naish windsurfs JAWS with friend Robby Swift

Jaws is the ultimate challenge for extreme windsurfers and although it might not be an ‘Eddie’ yet, it is certainly a magnificent …

Night surfing at Jaws

2011 | 24 January - 1 Comment

Jordy Smith did it 2 weeks ago, now it’s Mark Visser’s turn

28-year-old Australian, Mark Visser, from Queensland is an extreme adventurer athlete who is pushing the limits of what he …

re-sized hawaii's huge waves

2009 | 14 December - 0 Comments

Hawaii’s been enjoying huge waves

40 ft waves pounded the coast of Hawaii and waves 50 ft or bigger at the outer reefs were expected at Waimea Bay, North Shore …