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re-sized Rough-Choshi

2012 | 7 May - 2 Comments

The latest from Sarah Outen and introducing Charlie Martell

2 ocean rowers in 2 sister boats plan to cross the north Pacific solo on slightly different routes …

re-sized content_banner Sarah Outen

2012 | 2 May - 1 Comment

A brief delay to Sarah Outen’s voyage

A few more days in Japan for Sarah Outen …

re-sized Sarah Outen in Japan
re-sized Sarah in snow

2011 | 3 October - 0 Comments

A quick Sarah Outen update as she makes a dash for Japan

As the north freezes over, Sarah Outen kayaks to Japan …


2011 | 17 January - 0 Comments

Vertical football – will this be a growing trend?

Football taken to extreme lengths with the help of bungee jumping cords. …

re-sized skiing in Japan

2010 | 22 January - 0 Comments

What’s happening with the snow over in Japan?

It is perhaps a little known fact that Japan has more than 500 ski resorts, and those on the northern island of Hokkaido …

re-sized scuba diving

2009 | 5 April - 0 Comments

Pirates hijack scuba diving vessel in Seychelles

News that a scuba diving ship operating from one of the world’s greatest diving locations in the Seychelles Islands has been …

re-sized snowboard jumping

2009 | 26 January - 0 Comments

Ski Jump extreme rebuilt in New Hampshire

As ski jumping is an extreme that we have rarely covered in the XtremeSport4u blog we thought it might interest our readers …

re-sized jeb corliss

2009 | 24 January - 0 Comments

American squirrel man escapes jail sentence

Jeb Corliss is one of the most celebrated and well known names in the world of base jumping and wingsuit flying. …