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rickshaw run 4

2013 | 22 May - 0 Comments

Bringing you the latest Rickshaw Run news from The Adventurists

You can sign up right now for The Rickshaw Run 2014 and very limited space still available for 2013. …

re-sized bungy in India

2011 | 15 November - 2 Comments

Whilst in India, why not bungy jump?

Jumpin Heights offer you a thrilling, adrenaline packed holiday. …


2010 | 27 December - 0 Comments

Winter 2012 – game for an adventure?

The Rickshaw Run promises to be an extreme adventure in an extreme environment – 3000 miles of India. …


2010 | 30 March - 0 Comments

The Spring Rickshaw Run has begun… mayhem reigns!

It will be mayhem – but that’s what The Adventurists do best when organising one of their crazy adventures – they give you …

re-sized Whale-Shark-01_about_utila

2009 | 15 October - 0 Comments

Swim with the largest fish on earth

Their behaviour towards humans who are diving or snorkelling with them can be almost playful but generally they just continue …

re-sized the adventurists smurff
re-sized Nanda Devi photodiagram

2009 | 14 August - 0 Comments

Time to talk about some mountains in India – one at a time! Nanda Devi’s our launch pad.

Nanda Devi in the highest peak in the Indian Garhwal Himalaya and is the highest mountain wholly in India. It an extremely …

re-sized Nangar Parbat

2008 | 19 August - 23 Comments

The World’s Toughest and Most Challenging Mountains to Climb – the Himalayas

These legendary mountains have attracted adventurers over the centuries. But extreme weather, perilous crevasses and even …