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re-sized Freediver

2009 | 13 April - 0 Comments

Kiwi Freediver breaks freediving world record

At 11:20am in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas New Zealand freediver William Trubridge broke the world record in unassisted freediving, …

re-sized Deans blue hole

2009 | 8 April - 0 Comments

An update on the VERTICAL BLUE competition

The Vertical Blue 2009 competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is well underway. Many personal bests have been reached …

re-sized freediving in pool

2009 | 24 March - 0 Comments

Freediving – how many minutes does an extreme depth dive take?

Static time underwater is timed, but with depth dives it’s the depth that’s more important – not the time it takes although …

re-sized bahamas

2009 | 5 March - 0 Comments

Vertical Blue ‘09 competition in the Bahamas

From April 1-11, 2009 Vertical Blue will once again hold its annual invitation only Freediving competition in Dean’s Blue …

re-sized Herbert Nitsch

2008 | 17 September - 0 Comments

The Current World Record Holder for Free Diving, Herbert Nitsch

Herbert Nitsch has held world records in seven of the eight apnea free-diving disciplines recognised by AIDA International …

re-sized freediving_patrick_musimi

2008 | 16 September - 0 Comments

Another Extreme Sport – Free Diving

Free diving has become an extreme sport where competitors attempt to attain great depths on a single breath – without the …