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re-sized hawaii's huge waves

2009 | 14 December - 0 Comments

Hawaii’s been enjoying huge waves

40 ft waves pounded the coast of Hawaii and waves 50 ft or bigger at the outer reefs were expected at Waimea Bay, North Shore …

re-sized surfing big waves

2008 | 26 December - 0 Comments

Big Waves to think about this weekend…

Some of the biggest waves ever surfed… …

re-sized billabong pro pipeline

2008 | 16 December - 0 Comments

How’s it going at the Billabong Pro Banzai Pipeline competition in Hawaii?

Pipeline is the powder keg of the surfing world. Surfers from hundreds of countries travel here to prove their moxie in the …

re-sized O'Neill surfing

2008 | 8 December - 0 Comments

Florida’s C.J. Hobgood Wins O’Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach

C.J. Hobgood, 29, won the O’Neill World Cup in clean 20- to 30-foot wave face heights, making Hobgood the first goofy-footer …

re-sized surfing sunset beach

2008 | 1 December - 0 Comments

The O’Neill World Cup of Surfing – the final World Qualifying Event on the 2008 ASP World Tour

The O’Neill World Cup of Surfing is the second of three stops that comprise the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. It is also …

re-sized Bethany Hamilton.2

2008 | 7 November - 0 Comments

Bethany Hamilton – "the most recognised surfer on the planet"

Writing on extreme sport over the past few months we have come across some really amazing extreme personalities, extreme …

re-sized kitesurf Hawaii

2008 | 9 July - 0 Comments

First for kitesurfers in Hawaii

Bringing news of a first in the kite surfing world – from Maui to Oahu, eight kitesurfers will be in the air and on the waves …

re-sized kitesurfing jump

2008 | 29 June - 0 Comments

Kite surfing record discussed and explained

Erik Eck’s accidental record when he was swept into the air by a freak thermal whilst kitesurfing in Hawaii which didn’t …

re-sized kites - mine

2008 | 5 May - 0 Comments

Kite surfing information

Some practical information on the extreme sport of kite surfing and a brief history of the sport. …

re-sized beware

2008 | 26 February - 0 Comments

WARNING: All Kitesurfers take heed…

The Hawaiian Senate recently came close to banning kiteboarding and windsurfing within 200 feet of other water users. Although …