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re-sized snowpark at 2 Alpes

2011 | 7 March - 0 Comments

Bad weather all week for skiing here in the south of France…

La Grave – La Meije area, which, when teamed up with the redoubtable les 2 Alpes, makes the perfect ski vacation with its …

Polo in the snow

2011 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Need a break from the winter gloom – how about St. Moritz?

Horse racing and polo on snow raises the stakes of these traditional pastimes to extreme sports levels. It requires the highest …


2011 | 18 January - 2 Comments

Intense training for the Red Bull X-Alps

The ultimate endurance event – the Red Bull X-Alps, an extreme competition for 32 extreme athletes. …

Jeremy Jones

2011 | 6 January - 0 Comments

Extreme skiing – extreme lines – extreme freeride competitions

Freeride is arguably the most exciting snowsport competition of the 21st century – and the most extreme. …


2010 | 23 December - 0 Comments

Cyclocross – the perfect between seasons’ challenge

It is a sport not restricted to the pros, to extreme cyclists. Anyone can start cyclocross as there are races for experts …


2010 | 21 December - 0 Comments

Mike Cotty in search of his Ultimate Ride, others might like some help looking for theirs…

Mike Cotty is the epitome of a successful endurance cyclist and it is interesting to hear what he thinks is his ultimate …


2010 | 12 July - 0 Comments

A lot of Hot Air