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re-sized andy hurdman

2011 | 3 March - 0 Comments

Brilliant new video from Andy Hurdman

Andy Hurdman has always been into extreme sports, but it wasn’t until he moved to Hawaii and tried out his cousin’s trainer …

re-sized kite for andy hurdman feature

2009 | 8 September - 1 Comment

Andy Hurdman – in a class of his own

Andy Hurdman must be one of the best proponents of the art of kitesurfing – he can go anywhere and performs an amazing display …

re-sized shark warning

2008 | 15 December - 0 Comments

Shark attack – blown out of all proportion

A study shows that the chances of being killed by a shark are 1 in 280 million – in any given year. …

re-sized kite crash - mine

2008 | 25 August - 0 Comments

Kite surfers extreme stupidity

Dangerous kite surfing crashes can be avoided with a little nouse rather than lashings of stupidity! …

re-sized mud tug of war

2008 | 19 June - 0 Comments

Extreme mud wars!!

The annual Extreme Mud Wars for St. Petersburg, Florida will be held today. …

re-sized scuba diving octogenerians

2008 | 31 May - 0 Comments

These octogenarians – way to go Maam!

81 one year old Marge Frisch from Florida, USA has just completed her first scuba dive off the Grand Cayman Islands. …

re-sized birdmen