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re-sized SR Desert photo 4

2009 | 26 October - 0 Comments

Testing both strength and stamina under the Sahara sun…

Many competitors found the first day of the Sahara Race, an extreme RacingThePlanet ultra-marathon, very tough and the medical …

re-sized sahara race

2009 | 20 October - 0 Comments

The Sahara Race – one of the toughest endurance races in the world – starts soon

The Sahara Race is a gruelling six-day, 254-km (156 mile) ultra-marathon is roughly equivalent to running a marathon each …

re-sized sahara ultra-marathon

2009 | 5 October - 0 Comments

The RacingThePlanet Sahara Endurance Race starts soon.

The Sahara Race is a 250km (155 miles) ultra-marathon beginning at the Farafra Oasis, seven hours from Cairo. The six stage …

re-sized RacingThePlanet

2008 | 1 December - 0 Comments

The Last Desert race