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2013 | 22 August - 0 Comments

Dean’s Blue Hole is back in the limelight and for more than one reason

A bird’s eye view of Dean’s Blue Hole with the help of a GoPro …

Dean's Blue Hole

2012 | 10 December - 0 Comments

New records at Suunto’s Vertical Blue, the Bahamas

The Suunto Vertical Blue comes to a very successful conclusion at Dean’s Blue Hole …

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2012 | 6 June - 11 Comments

A Freediving record attempt by William Trubridge

Not quite the deepest freedive, but very nearly – next time William Trubridge aims to set a new freedive record! …

William Trubridge's record breaking 100m freedive

2010 | 28 December - 1 Comment

William Trubridge’s Record Breaking 100m Freedive

Watch the video of William Trubridge’s extreme freedive to the dangerous depth of 100m – a depth where the sheer pressure …

re-sized william_trubridge_freediver
re-sized Freediver

2009 | 13 April - 0 Comments

Kiwi Freediver breaks freediving world record

At 11:20am in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas New Zealand freediver William Trubridge broke the world record in unassisted freediving, …

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2009 | 8 April - 0 Comments

An update on the VERTICAL BLUE competition

The Vertical Blue 2009 competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is well underway. Many personal bests have been reached …

re-sized freedive graph

2009 | 8 April - 0 Comments

How to get your head around FREEDIVING

Kerian Hibbs, who is right at this moment attempting to break a record or two at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahama’s has been …

re-sized Waikatipu bike challenge

2009 | 31 March - 0 Comments

Cut-off date extended for the Tour de Wakatipu in New Zealand

Due to popular demand, the deadline to enter the New World Tour de Wakatipu mountain bike event has been extended to the …