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re-sized paragliding

2011 | 14 September - 0 Comments

Paragliding at its very very best

Less extreme than wingsuit flying, but allowing you to soar like an eagle, this is one wonderful extreme sport. …

X games snowboarding

2011 | 3 February - 1 Comment

The Men’s Big Air at the X Games ended in spectacular style

A chance to enjoy the best of extreme skiing and snowboarding at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. A spectacular show …

Snowfall in Colorado - Wipeouts

2011 | 12 January - 3 Comments

Epic snowfall in Colorado – get on over there

With superb snow this winter, Colorado can offer everything from extreme skiing to best possible snow conditions for all …

International annual snow sculpture – a give away to China?
re-sized winter X games

2010 | 8 January - 1 Comment

14th Winter X Games at Aspen, Colorado

The Winter X Games will feature snowboard big air, snowboard slopestyle and snowboard superpipe for both men and women. The …

re-sized skiing Colorado

2009 | 30 December - 0 Comments

Colorado has what extreme skiers are looking for…

Silverton Resort in the San Juan Mountains,  Colorado is what is known as ‘a perpendicular resort’. Strictly skilled skiers …

re-sized hardrock 100 mile

2009 | 29 December - 0 Comments

The Hardrock 100-mile ultramarathon – as extreme as they come

The Hardrock One Hundred Mile Endurance Run is a 100.5 mile (161.7 km) ultramarathon. It has a total of 33,000 ft (10,000m) …

re-sized endurance MB marathons

2009 | 2 October - 2 Comments

Endurance marathons on your mountain bike

Here is some information on some endurance mountain bike races which can be found around the world. …

re-sized the Diamond at Long Peak

2009 | 16 July - 0 Comments

Nothing as extreme as The Diamond at Longs Peak

Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park is, at 14,255 feet, the northernmost “fourteener” in Colorado, the 15th highest …

Extreme Polo…..we don't think so!
re-sized winter X games - jumpramps

2009 | 12 May - 0 Comments

Winter X games and ESPN pick up Industry Impact award from NSAA

The Winter X games and ESPN have won the award presented by the National Ski Areas Association for bringing the thrill and …

Extreme white water rafting in Russia