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free climbing

2013 | 6 February - 1 Comment

You have to admire free climbers

Free climbing spans four types of climbing styles: traditional, sport, free soloing and bouldering. …

re-sized climbing in Yorkshire

2011 | 4 May - 0 Comments

Hundreds of Sport climbing, Trad routes and bouldering on offer in Yorkshire

Some of England’s most difficult climbs are here… …


2010 | 8 December - 0 Comments

Deep Water Soloing in Thailand

Deep water soloing in Thailand is the authentic deal. It’s you, your climbing shoes and a chalk bag. No aids, just skill. …

re-sized Osp Slovenia

2009 | 20 November - 0 Comments

Rock climbing in Slovenia -have you thought about it?

Kranj, the fourth largest city in Slovenia and known for its sporting facilities, hosted the final competition of the Climbing …

re-sized markApronStrings Squamish
re-sized Chris Sharma

2009 | 6 July - 1 Comment

In praise of Chris Sharma – one of climbing’s most extreme talents

At 26, Chris Sharma is an athlete endowed with unparalleled physical strength and mental tenacity, dominating world sport …

re-sized Clark Mountain

2009 | 3 July - 0 Comments

Another rock climbing mecca – Clark Mountain near Vegas

Clark Mountain is the high point of Mojave National Preserve and is a refreshing climb out of the desert. It is sport climbing …