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re-sized Great Wall of China

2009 | 24 September - 1 Comment

Adventure Marathons are so much more… adventurous!

The Adventure Marathon idea was born in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark when Director of Albatros Travel, Mr. Søren Rasmussen …

re-sized Gobi_March1

2009 | 24 June - 0 Comments

The last word on the Gobi March 2009

From Adventure Racing to Ultra-Marathons… the Gobi March has drawn to a successful close with a fantastic race enjoyed …

re-sized racingtheplanet - deserts

2009 | 19 June - 0 Comments

2nd ranked endurance race in the world

The Gobi March is an ultramarathon, adventure race, expedition race and extreme race all rolled into one.. It’s a 250km race …

re-sized Gobi - satelite image

2009 | 17 June - 0 Comments

A quick Gobi March update…

Going from one extreme endurance race to another… whilst waxing lyrical about the Mongol Derby, we mustn’t forget the Gobi …

re-sized old Kashgar

2009 | 15 June - 0 Comments

Kashgar – an extreme vacation, but you’d better be quick

So there’s an idea for an extreme vacation before extreme modernisation destroys antiquity! …

re-sized Shiptons arch Gobi Desert

2009 | 14 June - 0 Comments

The toughest endurance race in the world – the Gobi March has begun

The Gobi March is known to be the most unpredictable and hostile of the 4 Deserts ultra-marathon events with ever-changing …

re-sized scuba diving

2009 | 5 April - 0 Comments

Pirates hijack scuba diving vessel in Seychelles

News that a scuba diving ship operating from one of the world’s greatest diving locations in the Seychelles Islands has been …

High diving world record
Extreme white water rafting in Russia
Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge
re-sized RacingThePlanet

2008 | 1 December - 0 Comments

The Last Desert race

re-sized Di Huanran - cataract diver

2008 | 22 October - 0 Comments

The World’s Best Cataract Diver – Di Huanran

Di Huanran made a record breaking dive over Diaoshuiloua Waterfall in northeast China’s Jingpo Lake. …