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re-sized bagjump

2009 | 29 October - 0 Comments

This is such a cool invention for perfecting extreme sports tricks:

“It’s a good opportunity to get the feeling on the take-off, get control in the air and being confident to land on my feet …

re-sized skier at Cardrona

2009 | 19 October - 0 Comments

CARDRONA is well and truly on the map…

Cardrona, on New Zealand’s South Island and an hour’s drive from Queenstown, has one of the very few halfpipe’s open at this …

re-sized skiing in the southern hemisphere

2009 | 29 May - 0 Comments

Summer here, but the ski season’s just about to start in the Southern Hemisphere

“We’ve had some pretty extreme weather in May bringing heavy snow falls, the mountain is looking amazing, from top to …

re-sized japanese snowboarders