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Badwater Ultramarathon

2013 | 10 February - 0 Comments

Badwater ultra marathon … last chance to get a place

Globally recognized as the toughest race of its kind, the Badwater Ultramarathon is a pure athletic challenge of athlete, …

re-sized Baqueira-Beret
re-sized miguel-pupo

2011 | 23 November - 0 Comments

Results for the final O’Neill Cold Water Classic of the Year…

The end of this year’s most extreme surf competition …

re-sized Death Valley 2012

2011 | 16 November - 0 Comments

Get out your race diaries – it’s time to pencil in a new DEATH VALLEY date race

One of the most extreme cycle races in the world …

re-sized Josh Kerr

2011 | 17 October - 0 Comments

The last of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Surfing event happens next week

The world’s most extreme surfing event. …

re-sized 600-ft rappell

2011 | 21 September - 0 Comments

Early warning registration advice for the Gold Rush Adventure Races

A great way to get into Adventure Racing, an extreme way to spend a weekend …

re-sized paragliding

2011 | 14 September - 0 Comments

Paragliding at its very very best

Less extreme than wingsuit flying, but allowing you to soar like an eagle, this is one wonderful extreme sport. …

re-sized nike

2011 | 3 August - 0 Comments

Difficult conditions for the Nike US Open

It’s tough out there! …

re-sized badwater1-1679krp

2011 | 25 May - 0 Comments

Veterans and rookies are registered for the Badwater Ultramarathon

It is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet …

re-sized Hells Gate 100

2011 | 18 March - 0 Comments

Last chance to get a place in the Hells Gate Hundred cycle event

This is the third time that AdventureCORPS have held this ultra-cycle event …

re-sized skateboarding

2011 | 14 March - 0 Comments

The early days of skateboarding with such heroes as The Mutt, Bones, Ollie and Mr. Incredible

Like surfing, skateboarding had the thrill of speed, freedom and versatility. …

resized 2010 Atacama Crossing

2010 | 7 January - 1 Comment

Brits outnumber Yanks for the 2010 Atacama Crossing

RacingThePlanet organise yet another challenging, and extreme ultra-marathon across the 15 million year old arid Atacama …